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Welcome to OEOM Shanti!

OEOM Shanti is musical promotion’s company. We have promote musicians, Calico Function and Yuki Ato Narayan.

Calico Function performs “Electric Ambient Funk Music”.
They call it “Native Funk”.
What is “Native Funk®︎“?
Answer is here.

Calico Function is organized by Yuki Ato Narayan.
Yuki Ato Narayan is Indian classical music, electric ambient music player, composer and Calico Function’s key person. The music is called “Native Funk”.

We want you to listen to the silence that is hiding in the intense rhythm.
Our music incorporating Indian classical music Raga is ambient music although it is funk.
Ethnic phrases that are played on intense rhythms, and several intertwined melodies.
The music machine beyond the higher.
We want to provide the Music to the world.